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Proceeds from Shakespeare in the Park productions are given to charitable causes each year; in previous years, this has included diverse causes such as Staffordshire Air Ambulance, Lichfield Fuse Festival, the Monks’ Walk Historic Garden and Lichfield Canal Restoration.


We are keen to hear from local charitable projects to see if we can assist in their community work via a donation. Donation bids should be made in writing to and should summarise the work undertaken by the organisation and how the donation would be used (300 – 400 words is ample).


We consider each application individually, however, we tend to use the following criteria to award bids:


  • We prefer donating to charitable groups rather than individuals

  • We prefer the donation to assist with a particular project, rather than general upkeep costs

  • We prefer projects that are Lichfield-based or in the immediate surrounding area, rather than national organisations/projects

If you feel that a donation from Shakespeare in the Park would help your cause or project, please let us know.

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